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Muraqba (Meditation) is an exercise through which one is able to witness or observe the unseen world within, just as one is acquainted with the phenomenal existence of the Universe. During Muraqba we witness the unseen and function within it in a similar way to our existence in our dreams, free of any physical limitations. The physical eye of the human body is unable to see through into both of these zones of our finer existence. We accumulate experience and learning in stages, from the moment of our conscious awareness, this experience and learning becomes our living and existence.

When the inner vision of the student of spirituality is activated, he becomes acquainted with those realms and thus develops the experiential awareness of that life. The effect of Muraqba has been recognized by scientists. Muraqba recharges tired brain cells. During Muraqba the mind and body are in a state of total relaxation and breathing is deeper and slower. This results in better absorption of oxygen and muscular relaxation. Muraqba focuses on the creator and with practice, the student observes the different zones and dimensions of the universe. Muraqba improves health, memory and increases understanding of any knowledge that you choose to learn. Azeemia Teachings emphasize that within us lies the entire universe. This can be viewed with our inner eye, The Third Eye or the eye of the heart by means of Muraqba. When the inner eye is opened, Time and Space become irrelevant and we can view the entirety

Meditation in other religions.

In Christianity :-

Jesus said, "Lord's kingdom is inside you, find it in yourself."

In Judaism :-

Moses had meditated on Mountain Tour for 40 nights.

In Islam :-

Mohammad (SAW) often went to Cave Hira for Meditation.

In Hindu :-

Bahgoot Gita is a Holy book in the Hindu Religion.

Raja Irjun asked to Kirshn Jee,

"You are saying to concentrate (meditation) the mind, but I feel that my mind is dispersed."

Kirshn Jee said, "What you are saying is correct but with continuos meditation exercises, the mind can be concentrated."

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