Q. What is the difference between Muraqba (Sufi meditation) and meditation?

A. Muraqaba (Sufi meditation) is the Sufi term for meditation.

Q. What should be the duration of Muraqba (Sufi meditation)?

A. In the beginning, 15-20 minutes of Muraqba (Sufi meditation) is recommended. After the initial period of 90 days, you can increase the duration, if you like.

Q. Do I have to convert?

A. No, the techniques prescribed in the book are for general use. Muraqba (Sufi meditation) is a mental exercise. Therefore, one’s belief is not an issue.

Q. What is Sufi Order of Azeemia?

A. Sufi Order of Azeemia was founded in 1960 by Qalandar Baba Awliya (1896-1979). Its main purpose to enhance the higher spiritual awareness through Muraqaba (Sufi meditation) and other spiritual exercises. The author of the book, Sufi-Master Azeemi is the current patriarch of the order. The order has several branches in UK, the US, Canada and also in other parts of the World.

Q. What is the dhikr of the silsila Azeemia.

A. Dhikr of YA Haiyyu Ya Qayyumu is given.

Q. What is the best time for doing Muraqba (Sufi meditation)?

A. Before sunrise is the best. However, before going to bed is not bad either.

Q. How can I tell which color of Muraqba (Sufi meditation) is right for me?

A. It depends on what do you want to achieve. Chapter 22 deals with this topic in detail. It explains the healing characteristics of different colors. If you, however, want to do it for self-healing, let us know of your condition and we will recommend you the right color for the Muraqba (Sufi meditation).

Q. Why does Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi always recommend Muraqba (Sufi meditation) of Blue lights for beginners?

A. Blue is considered as the color of spirituality. It is a color of serenity and peace. Its characteristic is that it improves memory and mental concentration in an individual. It also makes you feel good. Its deficiency on the other hand, usually creates confusion, anxiety, depression, and other disorders. That is why for beginners Muraqba (Sufi meditation) of visualizing Blue Lights is given.

Q. What is our purpose as Sufis on earth ?

Sufi build the connection between body and soul.