By Sufi-Master Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

Colour Therapy

Every person is under the influence of one color or another, and s/he sees life through the filter/glass of that color. Yet, people don't normally think about colors. Viewing pictures and paintings inspires us but don't give much attention toward the nature of colors. If we become more aware of the reality that colors are actually important to our lives and our perspective on life, then gradually the deeper mysteries of our own selves will be revealed.

The color we choose for our apparel and home are the result of our deep, natural interest in those colors. The colors we use for our apparel create an effect on our environment. We choose the color of our clothes through inner inspiration, which tells us which color will be good for us.

It is possible that a color we do not like at this point in time may look good to us a year from now. This change indicates that the flow of colors/light in our inner core has changed. If we pay close attention to which colors are present in our environment, what color of clothes we normally wear, and the color of our food, then we will realize that ”Our life is nothing but colors.”

The light, heat, and color of vibrant rainbow waves create effective vibration on all living tissue. These frequencies create different effects on the tissues. Therefore, with the help of colors, every disease inherited since the beginning of mankind can be treated.

All colors discharge pulsing light waves, which create the feeling of either cold or heat after colliding with an object. The wavelength of the color red is the longest due to the slow wave frequency, and the wavelength of the color purple is the shortest, due to the fast frequency.

Red creates the feeling of heat, while a sky blue color creates the effect of coldness. Green is the color that creates balance. Blue creates the feeling of spaciousness in the environment, while the density of red limits its frequency and movement.

Different colors create different feelings and effects (e.g., burning and itching by red, warming effect from orange, light warming from yellow, green feels no warm no chill, and jujube affects cold with pinching feeling.) Color creates feelings of byte, cut, hurt, crush or hit, or sting as well.

Through experience it has been seen that patients of stress and sleeplessness are fast cured with purple, blue & turquoise blue colors.

Red, orange and yellow colors are invigorating and help combat laziness and weakness. There is a saying with Color Therapists that putting patients in a pink color environment subdues the emotions of violence and revenge. Pink acts as a tranquilizer for veins and muscles. The effects of pink are now used to balance sex, family disputes, business matters, and jails. Through the pink color, anger is lowered. Under pink, muscles don't experience stress and tension. Even blind people feel relaxed in pink colored rooms.

One day while doing panorama and contemplating colors and their effect on the body, I received intuition that sunlight includes all colors, and these colors fulfil our nutritional requirements. If we store sunlight in our biological system, then it can fulfil our nutritional requirements. Following this inspiration I use to sit facing towards East before sunrise and through breathing pointed my mind towards a specific aliment of my body and imaginatively directed sunrays into my stomach. As a result there was no need for food except for water and neither did I felt any weakness. However while walking I felt much lighter and I felt I was walking in space, and solid walls looked like as if they were made of paper.

Sunlight has minerals and gases included, both of which are an important component of human food. Food gives us energy and strength. If we use food and light (combination of colors) together it increases this energy two fold.

The best way to absorb colors is to use fruits and vegetables. The sunlight is directly absorbed into fruits and vegetables. However, we have to ensure a color balance in our diet by not over-cooking or deep frying our fruits and vegetables because a lot of the nutrition in the colors is lost during this process