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Muraqaba: Art and Science of Sufi Meditation

An in-depth study of various styles of Sufi Meditation and Spiritual Healing through Color Therapy, Respiratory Exercises as well as other topics related to Sufism in general. Written by the current patriarch of the Sufi Order of Azeemia, Shaykh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, 80.

Kashkoal (Past-Present-Future)

The patriarch of the Azeemia Order. Mr. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi poses a critical question for those readers and disciples who wish to explore his way of thinking: Why, he asks rhetorically, among the unnumbered commentaries and sayings left by sages, scholars, and philosophers over the ages do we find so many contrdictory and conflicting opinions? He then goes on to answer his own question by pointing out that if men knew the Supreme Truth of the one true God, instead of clashing, their ideas, teachings, and theories would flow in seamless harmony and agreement to the glorious benefit of mankind. The divisions and deceptions caused by false teachings and the higher forms of knowledge that hold the promise of a solution form the central thesis of this book. It is a matter, Shaikh Azeemi teaches, of entering the unseen world of the spirit veiled by the visible but deceptive world of materiality. In a fascinating series of points and counterpoints grounded in a solid Quranic teachings, Mr. Azeemi advances inexorably to his final synthesis: the way of the world is the way of human failure, but the divine pathway of enlightened spiritual wisdom leads to redemption, happiness, and human fulfillment.

Journey Towards Insight By Sufi Teacher

Science has made immense progress, yet many believe that, even with all of the modern tools at our disposal, human beings function at no more than 10% of their mental capacity ., This leads to the question of what exactly it is that comprises the remaining 90%. Yet another question that arises is this: If it has taken man four and a half billion years to be able to apply only 10% of his ability, how long will it take for him to make use of the remaining 90%? The history of the rise and fall of nations clearly shows that the nations that dedicated the highest degree of energy and resources to the pursuit of knowledge were the ones able to advance the frontiers of progress. There are those among scientists and intellectuals who retain a strong measure of compassion for Allah's creatures. Those among them who wish to follow this tender calling of their heart and save God's creatures from misery and insecurity can only do so by attaining and applying spiritual knowledge. But in order to do this, they must demonstrate a sincerity and purity of intention that is untainted by material desire. My purpose of writing Journey Towards Insight is to shed light on those obstacles that prevent man from encountering and embracing his true-self (i.e., his spirit)-obstacles that have deprived him of his peace of mind, obstacles that have imprisoned him in the shackles of his emotional burdens, obstacles that have turned his life into a living hell. This book attempts to explain how we, as individuals and as a nation, can attain peace, for it is peace that the greatest of all blessings. Those who establish a relationship with Allah are endowed with His attributes, the chief among which is service to humankind. .

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